California Whale Adventures: Whale Watching and Great White Shark Viewing in San Francisco. For reservations call (650) 760-9395.

Shark Watching

Here's your chance to see the most awesome predator on Earth hunt and feed in it's natural environment.





San Francisco Whale Watching



Every year around the Farallon Islands, mythical sea monsters gather together to ambush their large prey.

Our exclusive trips to the islands are lead by experienced wildlife naturalists. Watch these giant predators in action during the peak Great White Shark Watching Season.

The Farallon Islands is one of the few places on earth where this phenomenon can be witnessed.

You have the chance of a lifetime to see these Great White Sharks for yourself.

We're happy to have you aboard.

Please see our schedules page or call us at (650) 579-7777.

  • Trips run Saturday & Sunday
  • Trips last approximately 8 - 10 hours
  • Trips cost $200 per person
  • Boarding time is 6am
  • Reservations are a MUST
  • Bad weather may cancel trips (with a full refund)

    • CALL (650) 579-7777


Great White Sharks:
~ up to 20 feet of teeth & muscle searching for its favorite meal: "Seal"




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